“Forty Six & 2” by Nandi Bushell Crushes Tool: “Toughest Battery Coverage”


Nandi Bushell, the 11-year-old musical prodigy who just won ResultThe 2021 Rookie of the Year honor delivered his “toughest drum pickup” yet: Tool’s “Forty Six & 2” complex. And, as always, she absolutely nails it!

Few seasoned pros can beat to beat with Tool’s Danny Carey, easily one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. But Nandi was certainly up to the task. With a smile on her face, Nandi offered a few tricks and flips of the wand before embarking on the epic track from Tool’s classic 1996 album. nima. From there, she played the song like an absolute champ, crushing heavy midsections and rolling up her sleeves at 4:30 for a killer fill.

“It was definitely the most difficult drum cover I’ve done so far,” Nandi wrote in the YouTube description. “Lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, it’s really quick in places and it’s a really long song too! I really enjoyed the challenge !!! I am now a #ProgRock fan! #DannyCarey – INCREDIBLE rhythms! “

She continued, “My uncle Ema LOVES @TOOL he played all of their songs to me hoping I will pick one up for a really long time. This one is for you Uncle Zombie. Tool is my most requested band!

As mentioned, Nandi was recently named 2021 Rookie of the Year, and she was kind enough to sit down with us for an exclusive Zoom video interview. Among the topics she discussed was her drumming fight with Dave Grohl, who told us, “It’s really heartwarming to have made people happy. Jamming with Dave Grohl and having the drum battle with him was epic, awesome, legendary, and amazing.

The multi-instrumentalist’s father, John, also joined us for the interview, remarking, “A few years ago when we started posting videos of Nandi playing the drums on Instagram, we didn’t. could never have imagined all the amazing and breathtaking things that have happened. over the past two years.

Watch Nandi absolutely crush Tool’s “Forty Six & 2” on drums, followed by our aforementioned video interview with the musical prodigy.

And catch up with Tool themselves when they kick off their 2022 U.S. Tour in January. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.


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