Former ANTHRAX Vocalist NEIL TURBIN Releases Acoustic Cover Of NINE INCH NAILS’ “Hurt”


Ancient ANTHRAX singer Neil Turbine released their acoustic cover of “Hurt”a song originally written and recorded in 1994 by the American industrial rock band NINE INCH NAILS. The clip of TurbineThe version of the track was recorded and filmed on April 12 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in Redondo Beach, California.

Neil commented: “I knew NINE INCH NAILS“The Downward Spiral” and finally the Johnny Cash [version of ‘Hurt’] about a decade later, which helped to emphasize Johnny Cash and her brilliant song and video performance.

“My reason for covering the song is to have something in common with Trent Reznor besides being a singer-songwriter and is that I was in his old house on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. The feeling and energy I felt there made my hair stand on end and gave me chills. I’m not saying that for effect. I just felt very strong feelings that weren’t something I normally feel or almost never feel. That being said, I got home that night and started looking for the address because intuitively I felt compelled to try to figure out why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Once I researched and found the amazing story, I rediscovered this song after some time reviewing related songs. I felt very connected to this brilliant song.”

Turbine played and recorded with ANTHRAX on the band’s original demo recordings and debut album, 1984 “A Handful of Metal”. He wrote the lyrics for all the songs on this LP except for the cover of Alice Cooperit is “I am eighteen years old”and also wrote credits on five of the band’s seven songs “Armed and Dangerous” EP (1985), plus two songs from the second album “Spreading the Disease” (1985).

ANTHRAX has had a number of singers – including Turbine, Joey Belladonna, Dan Nelson and John Bush — over the past four decades, with guitarist Ian Scott and drummer Charlie Benante remaining the only band members to have appeared on each of the band’s studio albums.

Turbine sang “A Handful of Metal” before being started and being replaced by Belladonna. Belladonna made in four ANTHRAX albums, including fan favorite “Among the Living” (1987) before being fired himself for creative and stylistic differences. Bush before ANTHRAX between 1992 and 2005 but was sidelined when the band reunited with Belladonna for a 20th anniversary tour. When it fell apart and relations fell apart with the next leader Nelson, Bush returned for a time before Belladonna returned to work in 2010.


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