Everyone’s Losing It To The Incandescent Batman/Catwoman Cover


Weekly entertainment decided to surprise fans of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle by giving us the perfect BatCat digital cover in preparation for The Batman! The cover features Zoë Kravitz and Robert Pattison standing close to each other, staring at each other, and while that might just be a basic pose, it’s not. it’s hot. Because it’s BatCat. (Said by a super BatCat fan.)

There are plenty of other looks in the photo shoot too, with the two giving us their smoldering best looks that fit perfectly with the vibe we want from Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne!

The article includes Pattinson and Kravitz talking about their first screen test together, noting that it was Zoë Kravitz’s audition for the role of Selina, while it would be Pattinson’s first time saying a word in as Bruce Wayne even though he was already cast. “The first time I even said lines from the script was in Zoë’s screen test,” Pattinson recalled. “They had this idea that they wanted me to be taller at first, so I was basically wearing high-heeled sneakers, and I’m wobbly in this weird Batman outfit. The camera’s not even on me, it’s at the back of my head, and I literally have this major panic attack, just seeking emotional support from Zoë, who is trying to get the part.

And while it was unnerving for Pattinson and Kravitz, the motorcycle helmet we saw the latter wearing in the trailer was perhaps the biggest problem: “It made me a little anxious. It’s extremely complicated to take off a helmet and look cool, not get it stuck on your head or have weird hair. I was convinced it was going to be my downfall. But that wasn’t enough to stop the two from impressing everyone.

“They really connected,” director Matt Reeves added. “Everyone could see there was something really special between them.”

The appeal of BatCat

Being a Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne fan has lasted me, personally, a lifetime. But he has also given me many gifts over the years. Mostly in the form of Helena Wayne, my favorite superhero kid, but that’s a story for another day. What their relationship does is balance out the other. Selina is, for the most part, in this game for herself but when she meets Bruce, who does this for everyone corn himself, the two begin to balance these aspects of each other.

It helps that Selina and Bruce are hot when it comes to how the two talk and interact with each other, mostly thanks to Selina’s feline ways. The two are, frankly, made for each other and while we’ve got no shortage of them in Batman media, it’s nice to see a movie pushing them so clearly to audiences like The Batman is.

I’ve talked at length about why I’m so excited for The Batman and one of those reasons is definitely to see Bruce and Selina’s relationship grow and now I’ll have these photos to guide me as I wait for its March 4th release date.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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