Eshwar Khandre calls for SIT investigation under judicial supervision in Jarkiholi CD case



Khandre calls for court-watched SIT investigation in CD case

The incumbent KPCC chairman Eshwar Khandre on Tuesday demanded that the government set up an SIT investigation overseen by the High Court chief justice into the sordid CD episode.

Speaking in the assembly, the MP for Bhalki said people have no confidence in the government appointed SIT.

The SIT investigation controlled by the chief justice is essential for an honest investigation into the case, Khandre said.

Only such an investigation can redeem the trust and faith people have in elected officials and rid the government of its “immoral” label, he said. Speaking on the budget, he said the government had failed to provide relief to flood victims in the Kalyana Karnataka area as compensation for damaged homes was still pending.

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