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As the end of October approaches, a selection of discounts on Epic game store. The store’s Halloween 2021 sale includes a litany of price cuts for some iconic games. Weekly free play policies and generous discounts have become a staple of Epic’s storefront, and the Halloween sale seems like another step in that direction. While competing for recognition in the PC gaming market can be costly for a business, Epic still seems determined to give its users some great deals this Halloween.

There are a few commonly discounted games that are popping up in the Epic Games Store Halloween 2021 sale. Scary Experiences are advertised more often, as the end of October might involve. Several horror-themed games are on sale, including World War Z: Aftermath and Zombie Army 4: Dead War. In addition to great themed “Epic Deals” for free games like Rocket league and Fortnite, there are also in-game events for premium titles like Void Train. While most of the games on sale are great, there are a few discounts that stand out from the rest.

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Hitman 3

hitman pose feature 3

Hitman 3, The ultimate distillation of IO Interactive’s hit hitman series is 50% off at the Epic Games Store. Not only does this game itself have some of the best Hitman levels ever, it can also serve as a hub for the rest of the games in the franchise. Not only will players have access to some amazing content from the get-go, but they’ll arguably have the easiest way to access Agent 47’s other adventures in the Word of Assassins storyline. If users already own the previous games (or any of their level and content packs), they can also be viewed immediately. This is one of the biggest discounts the game has ever had, and it’s definitely worth picking up.

This war of mine

this war of mine full edition cover art

For a more thoughtful representation of violence than the murderous madness of Hitman, This war of mine is another brilliant game from the Epic Store Halloween sale. While not a traditional horror game, it examines the terrifying and real impact of war on smaller and vulnerable communities. The in-game landscape is done in a haunting charcoal aesthetic, which only amplifies the heavy life and death decisions throughout the gameplay from 11 Bit Studios.

There have been many free survival games on the Epic Games Store recently, ranging from Protected To The Walking Dead Bridge Builder. This war of mine balances the deeply personal element of full-scale conflict with hardcore survival gameplay. The Anniversary Edition offered with the Epic Games Store also includes DLC that adds new NPCs, locations, a quest, and a full ending to complete what was already a solid product. While the game typically sells for $ 19.99, it’s currently discounted by 80%, making it an absolute steal for Halloween.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher background 3

Although the game itself does not need to be introduced, The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe incredible reduction is certainly worth mentioning. Fans can get the third Witcher game at an 80 percent discount. While the game is primarily a fantasy adventure RPG, it contains plenty of horrific moments and storylines, with many of its side quests revolving around ghosts of the injured dead. After the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077, now is the perfect time to revisit the classic CD Projekt Red to see what a great game from the developer looks like.

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Prey 2017

After the launch of Arkane Studio’s hit time shooter Death loop, many have looked at the studio’s background. This includes the Dishonored series, as well as 2017 Prey. Alot of Death loopThe DNA of the first-person shooter can be found in Prey, and all fans of the series should consider picking up the game at a discount. In it, players take on the role of Morgan or Alex Yu, who are experienced by their brother and find themselves stranded on a moon base. With a 50% sale, Epic Games Store users can start their campaign against Preypolymorphic antagonists for relatively cheap.


ghost runner

Ghostrunner was one of the best action games of 2020, released on October 27. As the game is almost a year old, if players haven’t picked it up already, now is a perfect opportunity.

The game embodies first-person action, with melee mechanics like Chivalry at stake in this neo-future tour-crawler. Besides being one of the best recent cyberpunk games, Ghostrunner also tells a fascinating story. It’s currently reduced by 60%, which makes buying it a no-brainer for any fan of high-octane first-person games.


screenshot at the celeste platform

Extremely OK Games, under the leadership of developer Maddy Thornson, released one of the best indie games of 2018 with Celestial. The lo-fi visual aesthetic, incredible soundtrack, and meticulously crafted gameplay make it a wonderful experience. It’s a story about depression, and portrays it in an incredibly graceful and thoughtful way.

It’s also a great example of queer representation in the game, as it portrays an implied LGBTQ + protagonist with the same delicacy as every other aspect of its design. Celestial is a brilliantly accessible video game, as it has a huge range of customization options – from its display settings to playing difficulty. It’s a fine example of what games can be and what can be accomplished even with an independent budget.

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