Dillon Carmichael’s ‘Turn The Page’ Cover Would Make Bob Seger Himself Proud


Almost fifty years ago, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Seger blessed us with a classic in his hit single “Turn the Page.”

Released in 1973, it appeared on its Back in ’72 album, then finally released as a single in his live album, “Live” ball.

One of my most vivid memories from my early childhood includes an image of my dad singing along to this Seger track from the speakers of his old Chevy pickup truck, and I’ve loved the song ever since.

As it turns out, Dillon Carmichael contains an attachment very similar to “Turn the page”.

In 2018, Dillon shared during his 98.7 THE BULL session that the song is the one he performs every time he’s on stage:

“Every time I’ve been on stage I’ve sung this song, and I mean every time.”

He then told the story of a close family friend, “Uncle Russ”, and how he used to sing Seger’s song all the time when Dillon was growing up:

“I wanted to be like him, and man, he could sing that song like nobody did.

Years later, as Dillon began to sing and play himself, he often turned to this particular song, but always dipped before the final chorus where Seger passionately shouted the last words in a higher pitch.

“Uncle Russ used to do it so well, but I was scared to death.”

After many attempts at the song while continuing to omit the “scary ending”, Dillon’s mother intervened. She told him:

“Stop being a baby and sing the end of this song!”

And it looks like the pep talk worked, as Dillon Carmichael’s rendition is about as close to a homage to Bob Seger’s original as you can get, including the final high notes which you can check out here .

And the original:


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