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Andrew Garcia, longtime musician and owner of Berkshirecat Records, hosts a one-day record show at the Stationery Factory.

BerkshireCat Records opened in the Stationery Factory in 2020.

DALTON, Mass. – The turntables will spin at the Stationery Factory next weekend for Central Berkshire’s first record show.

On Sunday, May 1, vinyl enthusiasts can browse hundreds of cases of records, CDs, cassettes, and more. dozens of retailers while enjoying live DJs. Food trucks and a full bar will also be available for refueling while sailing.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but those looking to find a rare gem before the others, VIP entry is available at 8 a.m.

The event is hosted by long-time musician and owner of Berkshirecat Records Andrew Garcia on the factory’s second floor. He describes it as a “high-end record show experience” in an airy, bright room rather than a cramped, dark one.

Garcia also wanted to create an event that allowed people to make it a day with multiple activities. He was happy to report that vendors have flocked to the show and it is sold out with vendors.

“There’s a lot of local interest, but instead of forcing locals to travel far, I thought ‘let’s try it here in Berkshire County and see how it goes,'” Garcia said.

“As far as I know, it’s going to be a good day.”

General admission at 10 is $3 and VIP admission at 8 is $10.

There is a mix of local and outside vendors from Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York. One of them is Bell Tower Records in North Adams.

Record prices start at a few dollars and median prices for the event will be around $20-$25. Rare and highly sought after vinyl is more expensive, like any collectible.

“It gives us a great intensive day, there will be so much variety,” Garcia said, adding that a big part of that is the “fun of the dig” for items of interest.

Berkshirecat Records had a soft opening in September 2020 and has been successful ever since. He regularly has regular clients from big cities and has really grown, Garcia reported.

“It was great to meet new people and see a community that was very interested in records,” he added.

The store owner is originally from New York and has lived in Dalton – and taught music in the city – since the 1990s.

Prior to opening Berkshirecat, Garcia sold media and records at tag sales.

He joked that when he got tired of lugging his collection for the winter, he contacted the landlord of the building and became a tenant.

Regularly chatting with customers in the store and seeing the interest in vinyl on the internet is part of what inspired him to plan this event. Garcia is a member of a Facebook group for turntable enthusiasts and has found that there is still a community for the more classic way of listening to music.

It’s a mix of people reverting to the interest of their high school days and the younger generation embracing things from the past.

Garcia also acknowledged that her store is located in the Stationery Factory, which is a great event space.

“I thought it would be a really good opportunity because there’s not a whole lot of good in Berkshire County,” he explained.

The record show will take place on the first floor of the factory in a wheelchair accessible space that usually hosts wedding receptions.

The DJs are Tim Dupree as Pup Daddy Productions, Edward Martuscello as Fortyfiveologist, Michael Keleher, DJ Ketchabone and Edward Pelkey ​​as DJ B-17 Bomber.

Food will be available from the Biggins Diggins food truck and a bar stocked with craft beers and more will be available.

“It’s hard to categorize the explosive popularity of vinyl records. For some, vinyl never went out of style. These are the veteran diggers who love nothing more than spending hours rummaging through boxes of vintage records For others, their first experience with the medium was picking up a pop album at Target.The Central Berkshire Record Show is meant to cultivate an air of inclusion and new discovery for everyone who attends, whether they’re a veteran or a newcomer,” Garcia wrote in a press release. for the event.


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