CMAT Covers Hot Press Issue ‘Hot For 2022’


The new “Hot For 2022” issue of heat press is out now, featuring CMAT, Elvis Costello, Maverick Saber, PinkPantheress, Kiefer Sutherland, Jan Carson, Wet Leg, Belfast director Kenneth Branagh, minister Simon Harris and many more.

Nothing rings in the new year like the Hot Press issue ‘Hot For 2022’ – bringing you all the essential albums, TV shows, movies, tech and books to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead.

Fittingly, we have one of the most acclaimed emerging Irish artists of the year, CMAT, featured on the cover. After her meteoric and stratospheric rise, she tells us about even bigger things to come in the next 12 months.

During its candid conversation with Ellen Gough, CMAT reflects on the surreal experience of rising to prominence in the midst of a pandemic.

“It’s a weird position, because I haven’t really seen a lot of people yet,” she said. “Like the Whelan show for example, it was crazy! I just guess no one is listening. Except for the 40 teenagers who message me every day. I love them with all my heart. They are much loved – for me, I would be nowhere without my 40 teenagers.

“But it’s weird doing shows and having people come and want to meet me. It’s kind of overwhelming sometimes to go somewhere one night out of the year and have all these people really intensely inside me. And then the next day, going to Morrison’s and being refused three bottles of wine, because I don’t have any ID on me.

Elsewhere in the issue, we bring you the 60 new Irish acts you need to hear – including Blooms, Don Chi, Adam Mohamed, Leo Miyagee, Seamus D and much more – as well as our international to watch

Pat Carty Meets New Wave Legend Elvis Costello, whose last album – the brilliant The Boy Named So – is one of the first must-have albums of 2022.

Like maverick saber returns with the epic Don’t forget to look up, he chats with Lucy O’Toole about her work with Nile Rodgers, hip-hop in Ireland and the importance of rebel music.

The mysterious artist whose name is on everyone’s lips, PinkPanther, talks about fame, anonymity, punk rock and becoming a star in confinement.

hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland talks to Paul Nolan about embracing nostalgic Americana on his new album Bloor Street, the ups and downs of his screen career and why he had no idea 24is a conquering success. Oh, and his unlikely move into professional rodeo.

And even more interviews with Jan Carson, Wet Leg, Dark Tropics, Belfast director Kenneth Branagh, Tara Nome Doyle, Cian Ducrot and Minister Simon Harris.

As the CAO deadline approaches, we have also compiled a special article Education characteristic.

And that’s just to start! So don’t miss. Get a copy of the heat press ‘Hot For 2022’ Issue in stores now, or order online…


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