Christmas Shopping: Iconic Northampton Record Store Reveals Secret to 21-Year-Old’s Success and Vinyl’s ‘Desirability’


An iconic Northampton record store, in business for more than two decades, is calling on residents to support the High Street this Christmas.

As Christmas approaches, the Chronicle and Echo celebrates and promotes the best of local businesses in an effort to get more people to shop locally.

The second store in our coverage is the Spun Out Record Store on Gold Street, which is owned by Chris Kent and has been around for 21 years now.

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Chris Kent and his daughter Roxy outside Spun Out in Northampton. Photo: David Jackson

Chris said: “We started in 2000. We realized that there was nothing on the streets for the interest of young people, so we started as a clothing and record store to have a point of view. local interest in this sort of thing.

“From that point on the record side really grew and grew and keeps growing. So that became our main focus. We still make clothes but we became more and more of a record store.

“We stock all genres of music, from very well-known artists to very underground music, a lot on vinyl but we also have CDs.

“We hope to be a little more arc on the interesting and unique spaces of Northampton.”

Inside spun. Photo: David Jackson

Speaking of how the business has been and the secrets to the store’s success over the years, Chris attributes it to having a ‘personal touch’.

He said: “It’s mostly about having a good customer base that wants to come and see what we have in person – record buying is something to be done in person.

“We do a few more things in the store, like playing records for customers they’re interested in. I also have a lot of knowledge, so I can recommend things to people.

“It’s pretty vital, I would say. A lot of people come looking for records but they like to discuss music with someone. To a certain extent, they like to chat with me, and, in fact, that’s part of the story. Because it’s a destination, the personal touches go a long way.

Inside spun. Photo: David Jackson

“Honestly, I don’t see how a record store can function without that personal touch. Without it, we wouldn’t have the strong customer relationship that we have.

Chris has spoken openly and honestly about his passion for the boutique, which has become a “big, big part” of his life over the past two decades.

“I put all my heart and soul into it. I work 80 hours a week keeping everything under control. It’s a big, big part of my life. Customers, many of them, are more like friends now because they have been coming for years. “, did he declare.

“It’s a very connected thing between us and our customers. I’m just so glad we still have so much support after all these years.

Inside spun. Photo: David Jackson

“We go extra miles every week. We always get the big new vinyl stuff. I’m going to order stuff for people. I’m really hot to get the underground stuff as well as the more obvious stuff. A lot of records the stores go. just for sure values.

“A lot of people don’t go that extra distance, to have something that is off the beaten track.

“Every week I do my best to have all of these choices. I try to cover a lot of different styles of music.”

When asked what is so special about vinyl, Chris said that they are like “works of art” and have a certain “desirability” about them.

“It’s a personal preference, vinyl. It’s more tactile. It feels more substantial. It sounds warmer. The sound quality is better. It makes the artist feel like in your room, he has that naturalness that CDs don’t have, “he said.

“CDs are not the same. A 12” record sleeve is like a work of art, a lot of people hang them on their walls. There is a desirability about them. These are collector’s items, rarer items. There is also a potential for them to increase in value. “

In a final message and Christmas business promotion, Chris first thanked his existing customers and urged new customers to support the High Street.

He said: “The main thing is that we are very grateful for all the support we have received over the years and we hope that more and more people will find us physically and online – it all helps.

“It helps keep something localized and interesting on the streets of Northampton. I hope we are there for the future.

“Come here for the experience, get out there and enjoy a little different place at your fingertips. Get out there, support the High Street and hopefully find a place that is interesting and welcoming.”

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