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Based on Robert Jordan’s 14-book fantasy series, The wheel of time to Amazon prime caught the attention of fans around the world. Those who love the books and the new show can show their adoration with items from the official merchandise store on Amazon featuring exclusive items.

The wheel of time Amazon Merchandising offers a wide variety of items that fans will want to explore. First, there is clothes. Fans can enjoy long and short sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and tank tops with several different prints. Those who are fascinated by the Aes Sedai Moiraine played by Rosamund Pike will be happy to see that many designs revolve around her. One of these models is the phase “The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wants” that she is known to say. Another shows her in one of the show’s promotional images and what fans will now recognize as a Passage door which starts in six. the Aes Sedai as a group is also presented in the collection with a design that shows the seven different Ajah ring colors as in the opening sequence of the show.

Check out Robert Jordan’s first book in the Wheel of Time “Eye of the World” series from Tor Books on Amazon.

The shop also presents the original book series and even includes TV-tie-in coverage for the first book, Eye of the world. There is also accessories Like Popsockets and tote bags with the same patterns as the t-shirts. You will even find three attach options; one is from Moiraine at Waygate, another presents her with his Warder Lan during the Trolloc attack to Two Rivers, and the last one shows all the main characters below one without eyes in a confrontation between the two camps. The show’s incredible soundtrack is also available for Pre-order in vinyl and CD form, so you can listen to it however you want.

Make sure to check everything The wheel of time Amazon Merchandising has to offer, and don’t forget to subscribe Amazon prime and catch the season one finale December 24th.


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