CD case: woman undergoes medical examination


As part of standard operating procedure (SOP), the woman involved in the CD scandal involving BJP chief Ramesh Jarkiholi underwent a medical examination at Bowring Hospital on Wednesday, a day after her first appearance since the scandal began. burst and saved it. statement alleging sexual harassment.

Officials of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) are now preparing to inspect the location where the alleged crime took place. The SIT also questioned her a second time on the basis of her statement and the evidence she gathered during the investigation. We learn that SIT questioned her about the incident and also how and by whom she was presented to Mr. Jarkiholi.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Wednesday that the SIT was looking at all angles in accordance with criminal procedures and would not give in to any political pressure.

“The SIT will have to systematically conduct detailed surveys. No one can interfere with it, so I won’t comment on it either, ”said Bommai, who also holds the law and parliamentary affairs portfolio. He asked that no one attempt to obstruct the fairness of the investigation by making unnecessary comments or diminishing the seriousness of the investigation, he said.

The minister denounced his criticism of the SIT investigation to Congress. KPCC chairman DK Shivakumar said on Tuesday that the government led by BS Yediyurappa had backed and backed Jarkiholi. Congress sought to find out why the former minister had not yet been arrested.


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