Bo Armstrong Releases Dua Lipa’s ‘Cool’ Cover, Stream Proceeds Donated to You Can Play & Planned Parenthood


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bo Armstrong releases the second installment of his “Covers For Causes” series, his version of Dua Lipa’s “Cool.” Today, streaming revenue for the next 13 months will be donated to You Can Play and Planned Parenthood.

“These organizations have helped me better understand what it means to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community,” says Armstrong. “This song is a simple celebration of falling in love, and it’s something everyone deserves to feel.”

Armstrong chose You Can Play and Planned Parenthood, and a Pride Month release, as a nod to how important the wedding ring has become to him — his best friend came out to him a while ago. more than ten years; he has since learned more about the importance of creating safe, empathetic and open spaces.

“Given my ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and the country I live in, I will never fully understand the fear of being marginalized, but I realize – especially now, in the current climate – how important it is to really try. I’ve been on a low-key mission ever since to help create and operate in spaces where all feel safe and welcome.”

It’s the second in Armstrong’s Covers For Causes series – he released a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘When the Party’s Over’ last September, with over a million streams raking in around $3,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health America.

Armstrong released Chasing Ballads in November 2020, produced by Brian Douglas Phillips (David Ramirez, Rob Baird, Thomas Csorba). The album’s themes are personal and relatable – finding the love you believe in and pursuing it, acknowledging your past and letting it drive your future, finding the courage to live in the moment without shirking caution, and learning that so little in life can be accomplished on your own, even if the road you walk is sometimes lonely.

His songs are centered around classic storytelling: anecdotes that are honest, relatable glimpses into the everyday moments that make life worth living. Many of his songs are about what makes us: what it means to find the courage to carry on when times are tough, the importance of celebrating love when you find it, and constantly renewing your faith in yourself. His next project, If your tired heart hurts…, will be released on September 9.

Listen to the new single here:


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