Billy Strings launches cover for Allman Brothers in Detroit


Billy dedicated the entire recall to ABB gear on the occasion of what would have been Duane Allman’s 75th birthday.

By Nate Todd November 21, 2021 • 10:18 a.m. PST

Billy Strings continued his fall 2021 tour at the Fillmore in Detroit on Saturday in his home state of Michigan. Billy released the song “Little Martha” written by Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers Band on the late great guitarist’s birthday.

Strings and company – mandolinist Jarrod walker, bass player Masat Royal and banjo player Billy’s failure – kicked off the show with a cover of “One Tin Soldier” by The Original Caste, a song the band debuted in 2020. Original staple “Dust In A Baggie” followed before the more recent original “Hellbender” by Billy’s 2021 album Renewal.

A pairing of the ‘Old Train’ cover and title track from Billy’s 2017 debut album, Torment and foil preceded another cover / original segment of two songs from “Riding Out The Winter” and “Doin ‘Things Right” by Buddy Greene. Billy then returned to Renewal material with “Fire Line” which led to “Running The Route”. Jarrod Walker’s co-writing with fiddler Christian Ward, “Show Me The Door”, followed next followed by another Renewal track, “The Fire On My Tongue,” to close the first frame.

Tony Rice, written by Gordon Lightfoot, recorded “Cold On The Shoulder” which kicked off the second set. The train’s second song came in the form of “Slow Train” before Renewal track “Love And Regret”. The Black Sabbath Paranoid cut “Planet Caravan” then sink into “Hollow Heart”. “Long Forgotten Dream” would preface a cover of the Grateful Dead base cover “Me And My Uncle”. Then “New Camptown Races” continued another Grateful Dead covered song, “Big River” by Johnny Cash. Doc Watson’s “My Love Come Rollin ‘Down” counted as the penultimate song of the second set before Billy ended it with “Hide And Seek”, which included an “Eye Of The Tiger” teaser.

The recall of two songs would consist of material from Allman Brothers Band beginning with the unveiling of “Little Martha”. As last night marked the live debut of “Little Martha” by Billy Strings, Billy and Jarrod shared a performance video of the song in August 2020. The acoustic guitar instrumental from the 1972s Eat a peach – released after Duane’s death – came on what would have been Duane Allman’s 75th birthday and is ABB’s only song credited solely to Duane Allman. Billy and the band would close the evening with ABB’s “Midnight Rider”.

Check out the “Midnight Rider” fan-made video below:

Setlist (via the Billy Strings Setlist page)

Set One: One Tin Soldier, Dust In A Baggie, Hellbender, Old Train> Turmoil & Tinfoil, Riding Out The Winter> Doin ‘Things Right, Fire Line> Running the Route, Show Me The Door, Fire On My Tongue

Second series: cold on the shoulder, slow train, love and regret, caravan of the planet> hollow heart, long and forgotten dream, me and my uncle, new races from Camptown, big river, love that crumbles, hide-and-seek cache (1)

Again: Little Martha (2), Midnight Rider


(1) Eye of the Tiger Tease

(2) FTP – Allman Brothers


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