Billy Porter isn’t a fan of Harry Styles Vogue cover, dress or not


Billy Porter is not amused. And he’s no fan of wearing Harry Styles clothes on the cover of Vogue, even though it happened a while ago. The problem Billy Porter has with the Vogue cover isn’t just about a dress and the man wearing it. It’s more a question of representation.

Although as a tribute to Harry Styles, he has appeared in androgynous clothing far more often than on the cover of Vogue and can wear just about anything he feels comfortable in. So what is Billy Porter’s grouse?

Men in dresses are an old concept


We have seen men in robes many times in the past. Think back to rock music classics, and you can visualize a mustached Freddie Mercury in a little skirt, with all of Queen’s men hanging out as well.

Styles himself appeared in a full ballerina tutu for the set of Saturday Night Live in 2020 and was pretty happy with the results.

His album covers and many of his public figure appearances do not match what is considered traditional masculinity. But Porter still thinks Vogue picked the wrong man to put on a dress.

Billy Porter claims he fought long and hard to appear in a dress

Billy Porter and Adam Smith

In an interview with The Sunday Times, speaking about fashion and men wearing dresses, Porter said, “I changed the whole game… And it’s not ego, it’s just a fact. I was the first to do it and now everyone is doing it.

And Porter was hailed as a hero, but he didn’t let fame get to his head. On the contrary, he says, “I feel like the fashion industry has accepted me because they have to. I’m not necessarily convinced and here’s why. I created the conversation [about non-binary fashion] and even Vogue always put Harry Styles, a straight white man, in a dress on their blanket for the first time.

Porter has nothing against styles, personally

Of course, Porter went on to say that he doesn’t have a personal grouse with Styles. But he said the cover of Vogue, featuring a medium for the first time, could have done better by choosing an LGBTQ + icon, as opposed to Harry Styles. He said, “I’m not hanging out with Harry Styles, but is that the one you’re going to try to use to represent this new conversation?” He doesn’t care, he just does it because it’s the right thing to do. It’s politics for me. It’s my life. I had to fight my whole life to get to where I could wear an Oscar dress and not get shot. All he has to do is be white and straight.

And Styles himself echoed something similar to The Guardian a while back when it comes to clothing. “When it comes to how I want to dress and what the album cover will be like, I tend to make decisions in terms of who I want to work with. I want things to look a certain way. Not because it makes me look gay, or it makes me look straight, or it makes me look bisexual, but because I think it looks cool. And more than that, I don’t know, I just think sex is fun.


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