Bad Bunny talks about new album and more on HIGHArt cover


A Highsnobiety magazine returns with the Winter 2021 issue titled HIGHArt.

Featuring Bad bunny on this very first cover of HIGHArt, the issue also features conversations with the Russell Westbrook, Grimes, Kidsuper, Coi Leray, and more.

The full issue comes out tomorrow, Thursday, December 2, but we get a first look at some of the quotes from the issue’s reggatonero. In the cover of Rubén Herrera, Bad Bunny – full name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio – discusses his upcoming studio album, his take on art, his life before fame, what Bad Bunny means to him, his much-loved music video ” Yo Perreo Sola “and more from the Dominican Republic, where it is revealed that he is shooting a top secret project.

On his next studio album:

“I don’t feel any pressure from the fans or anything. The only pressure I feel is from myself. And really, I wouldn’t even call it pressure. It’s a desire to create something new… I always ask myself, “How can I entertain and surprise people with something new? And that’s the pressure, but it’s positive internal pressure.

On his video “Yo Perreo Sola”:

“Obviously, I will never do anything that could intentionally offend anyone, but we are human. If I ever do or say something that offends people, I will have two options: think about it to see if my behavior was to blame and learn from it to do better; or if I think about it and realize that it was not me who was at fault, then I can let people decide if they want to engage in my work.

On its notoriety:

“I still don’t understand how people see me, or how I can impact so many people. And that may be good. Maybe not understanding my reach helps me stay humble. It helps me keep the same Benito as I was growing up. The one who created art just because he was passionate about it.

On his life before fame:

“I made music and I worked in a supermercado. I have always continued to make music. And I did it with passion. At that time, I never made music in the hope of quitting my job. I did it because I loved making music.

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