Are these the worst album cover designs of all time?


From Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon to The Beatles’ Abbey Road, there are plenty of iconic album covers that will go down in history. However, there are some discs that just don’t make the cut.

A record collector thinks he has found some of the most poorly designed album covers of all time – and after reviewing them, we think he might be right. The discophile has collected over 300 records over the past 5 years, and during that time has found wild record artwork. The collector has displayed his favorite ugly albums to raise money for charity, and we think they’re completely wonderful in their own (a little hideous) way. If you were hoping to create your own album art, be sure to check out the best laptops for graphic design.

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A poorly designed album cover.

We love the 90s vibe (Image credit: document)
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A poorly designed album cover.

Where are his pants? (Image credit: document)
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A poorly designed album cover.

Why do we like it? (Image credit: document)
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A poorly designed album cover.

Ah, cauliflower, the vegetable of modesty. (Image credit: document)
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A poorly designed album cover.

It’s a hell of a mustache (Image credit: document)
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A poorly designed album cover for Barbirolli.

We have no idea what’s going on in this one, we just know it’s bad (Image credit: document)

The eclectic collection was started by Steve Goldman, who now shares the designs with the people of Huddersfield. Goldman told The Guardian that it all started when he stumbled upon a Peter Rabbitt album called Roadstar, where everyone in the band is photoshopped on bunnies, and frankly, it’s terrifying.

The poorly designed album cover for Roadstar by Peter Rabbitt.

Nightmare fuel (Image credit: Discogs)

Goldman then said he told his family, “I’m going to start collecting disastrous LP covers,” and he did. Goldman both uses Discogs (an online music database) and tours charity stores and flea markets to find his epic design fails. But not all gruesome artwork is in the collection, Goldman says to pass the test, the artwork has to “be funny, it has to make me laugh.” And looking at these drawings, they certainly tickled us.

Goldman will set up an exhibit of over 200 records and 100 CDs in downtown Huddersfield. The exhibit will be accompanied by a soundtrack of songs from each of the discs / CDs on display, which Goldman described to Yorkshire Live as “very eclectic and mostly obscure, although famous ones appear from time to time”. (Anyone else dying to get their hands on this playlist?)

There are some pretty tragic designs in Goldman’s collection, but they are great entertainment. We believe that even Lana Del Ray’s Blue Bannister and Drake’s Certified Lover Boy artwork belong to Goldman’s list (Sorry Lana, Sorry Drake). If you’re hoping to design your own album art but don’t know where to start, why not check out these amazing Adobe offers, so you can design your way.

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