Apple urges federal court to overturn App Store injunction in Epic case


Apple on Friday asked a U.S. federal court to issue an injunction that would allow developers to bypass Apple’s App Store payment system and avoid commission fees, calling it “legally improper.”

Jon Swartz for MarketWatch:

In Apple’s final filing in an ongoing lawsuit with Epic Games Inc., Apple’s attorneys had “insufficient evidence that the anti-piloting provisions harm competition in a relevant market.”

The iPhone maker has firmly maintained that Epic lost the original lawsuit last year due to a flawed argument and “unprecedented” and “unfounded” accusations of anti-competitive behavior.

Taken from MacDailyNews: The Apple App Store is not a charity organization and its operation is not free.

How much did it cost developers to get their apps burned to CD, packaged, shipped, displayed on store shelves before Apple reshaped the world for the better for the umpteenth time? Apple incurs costs for storing, reviewing, organizing, displaying and distributing applications to more than one billion users. – MacDailyNews, June 10, 2022

The bottom line is clear: Epic Games wants all the benefits of Apple’s App Store, including free access to more than a billion of the world’s wealthiest users. It’s illogical, unfair, and basically theft. – MacDailyNews, May 4, 2021

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