ALICE IN CHAINS, GOJIRA, OPETH and more will take part in Record Store Day 2022


Record Store Day 2022 will take place on April 18, with a separate RSD drop date of June 18 scheduled for records that won’t be ready by the April date. This year, Record Store Day includes live albums from black label society and Gojiraa handful of repress for bands like Judas Priest and Dillinger’s Escape Planand band compilations like Motorhead and Offspring.

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Below is a list of artists related to rock and metal, with the full list available here.

  • Chained AliceWe die young (2xLP)
  • Charlie BenanteMobile pitchers (LP)
  • black label societyLive Alcohol Based Brewtality (2xLP)
  • Alice Cooperbrutal planet (2xLP)
  • the damnedstrawberries (LP)
  • Def LeppardRaised and dry (LP)
  • Dillinger’s Escape PlanDissociation (LP)
  • DioDouble dose of Donington (LP)
  • Udo DirkschneiderMy path (2xLP)
  • foo fighters – “Make a fire (Marc Ronson Re-Version)” b/w “Chasing Birds (Preservation Hall Jazz Band Re-Version)” (7″)
  • Billy F. GibbonsMaterial [Deluxe Edition] (CD set)
  • GojiraLive at Brixton Academy (2xLP)
  • Kirk HammettPortals (LP)
  • Jazz SabbathFlight. 2 (LP)
  • Judas Priesthero hero (2xLP)
  • KittenSpit (LP)
  • MotorheadLost Tapes Vol 2 (2xLP)
  • OffspringThe biggest hits (LP)
  • OpethMy arms, your hearse (2xLP)
  • pearl jamLiving on two legs (2xLP)
  • RamonesThe Father’s Albums (1981-1989) (7xLP)
  • burialRevolusongs (LP)
  • slashLive at Studio 60 (2xLP)
  • sleep tokenSunset (LP)
  • tesseractPolaris (LP)
  • Gerard RoadHesitant alien (LP)
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