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Political News, Karnataka, Crime, Police, Bangalore, March 23: – Interior Minister Basavaraj S Bommai told the Assembly on Monday (March 22nd) that a 22-member police team had been put in place to track and bring back the woman who released a video clip to file a complaint against the former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.

Rejecting the state government’s response, Congress protested outside the President’s podium, accusing the ruling party of protecting its members.

Responding to the one-day debate on the ‘sleaze CD’ issue raised by the opposition Congress as part of an adjournment motion, Bommai said: “It is constantly changing locations. So it took longer than expected. The police are constantly hunting her down.

He claimed that if the woman feared for her life, she can be sure that she will have the best protection. “We are for the truth to come out. We are not here to protect anyone. She just can’t pull out a music video and hide. Filing a complaint requires meeting certain basic requirements. At least there should be duly signed complaints… This is the basic requirement for filing a complaint, ”he said.

Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah

Earlier, opposition leader Siddaramaiah cornered the government in the assembly on Monday, demanding that a section 376 rape case be filed against former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, who recently left the ministry because of the controversy over the CD.

Speaking on an adjournment motion, Siddaramaiah said an independent agency overseen by the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court should investigate the case. He felt that the special investigation team formed by the state government is focusing only on the alleged plot against Ramesh.

The top congressional leader also called for the resignation of six ministers who obtained an ex parte court order to prevent the media from publishing any defamatory material against them.

“Those who have taken the oath as ministers after taking an oath to protect the welfare of the state, how can they seek the protection of the court? The ex parte order taken by these ministers shows that they too are involved in similar acts. Therefore, until they are clean, they should resign, ”he demanded. (NAV, inputs: agencies)


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